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Page Tree

In COMET DXP, the page tree combines multiple functionalities. The main task is to show and access all pages of the website. Furthermore, the page tree also reflects the URL scheme of the resulting site. Hence, the navigation, the sitemap, and the website's menus also use the page tree data.

Page Tree Action

The page tree supports all relevant possibilities to modify it. You can create and delete pages at every level. You can move pages via drag and drop to adjust the structure. Furthermore, you can copy, paste and duplicate pages.

Page Properties

Every page has the following Page properties:

  • Name: The name serves as the title for the document
  • Slug: The slug is the part of the URL of the page. If you want to make a page the home page of the website, name the slug home, and the URL will automatically change to /.
  • Document Type: You can choose between Page and Link. Additional document types are possible.
  • Hide in Menu: You can choose not to show the page in a menu.

Page Status

A page can have one of the following statuses:

  • Published: The page is part of the build process and is accessible on the website.
  • Unpublished: The page is not part of the build process.
  • Archived: The page is not part of the build process, and it disappears from the page tree unless you switch on Archived Items on the top of the page tree.

You can search pages by the page title with the text field on the top of the page. The page tree expands automatically if a subpage meets the search criteria.