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How to run

A COMET DXP application consists of multiple processes, such as:

We recommend using a process manager to avoid starting all these processes manually. Luckily, the steps in the installation section automatically installed the package: @vivid-planet/dev-process-manager.

Executing the following command starts all processes required to run a COMET DXP application:

npm run dev

That's it!

Your COMET DXP application is up and running.

  • Execute npm run browser to display your application in the browser
  • Adding a custom process can be done in the file: ecosystem.config.js

Managing Your Processes

List the status of al processes:

npx dev-pm status

Display logs:

npx dev-pm logs

Display logs for a process:

npx dev-pm logs <prcess_name>

Stop all processes:

npx dev-pm shutdown

Start a process:

npx dev-pm start <process_name>

Restart a process:

npx dev-pm restart <process_name>